Lift Auto Group Acquires new Location in Port Coquitlam

Newly named CSN Port Coquitlam has officially joined Lift Auto Group’s network of CSN Collision repair shops across Canada.

Lift is excited to welcome the formerly named Boyd Port Coquitlam to its collective and looks forward to continuing the success of the shop’s former owner, Bill Thomson.

“I didn’t want to sell to just anyone,” Bill says.

“Lift is treating my employees with absolute respect. That was a huge reason I went with Lift. They’re making sure my team is looked after.”

While the collision repair shop is operating under a new name, its existing staff will remain the same, ensuring continuity in the exceptional service it has become known for.

“Everyone from the original team is here. The quality and the level of expertise remains the same,” says new location manager Kelton Azuma-Murchison. “With the additional day-to-day support that we receive from Lift, we will have the resources to increase our capacity, while still delivering effective and efficient service to our customers.”

“The level of support, training, and autonomy provided by Lift has been fantastic,” says Azuma-Murchison, who has worked in autobody shops since high school. “The company also has a standard of excellence it upholds and facilitates among the individual collision repair shops.”

“Every person here is supportive of the transition to Lift. We like the direction, and the way things are being planned to optimize growth,” Azuma-Murchison says.

“We’re going to continue serving the community and make sure the local body shop they know, and trust continues to meet their needs.”

CSN Port Coquitlam is dedicated to ensuring the safety, reliability, and trust of every vehicle owner by providing high-quality collision and autobody repairs, accompanied by outstanding customer service.

Previous owner Thomson who is enjoying an extended vacation and early retirement after spending 41 years in collision repair hopes that CSN Port Coquitlam continues to excel in his absence.

“I am still going to be the shop’s biggest stakeholder because I’m someone who is committed to their success,” Thomson says.

“I wish nothing but the best for them. I want Lift to take the shop to the moon and continue to grow.”

Published On: November 22nd, 2023

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