CSN Whitehorse joins Lift Auto Group

On Feb 1, 2024, Lift acquired its first Yukon location, CSN Whitehorse, previously known as CARSTAR Whitehorse.

This change marks a significant step toward future longevity for the well-established Yukon repair shop, ensuring continued high-quality service and greater access to advanced repair technologies for the Whitehorse community.

When Jim Muir, the former owner, and his wife Alison decided it was time to sell, they chose Lift Auto Group for its proven track record.

“Lift was the right fit for us. We’ve worked with them before and knew they’d take good care of the shop,” Muir says.

Muir is 67, and he felt like the time was right to scale back on work.

“Life is only so long. If you look at it like a ruler, we’re starting to get to the end of it,” Muir says.

He and his wife, after careful consideration, felt confident that Lift would continue to uphold the shop’s standards and even enhance its offerings. While they had offers from other buyers, Lift seemed like the best match not just for them, but for the long-term success of the autobody shop.

“We really feel good about Lift taking over,” Muir says.

“They’re going to make it and they have the resources to grow it for the next generation.”

Jamie Muir, Jim’s son,is continuing the role as location manager, bringing years of experience in the industry and a deep commitment to the shop’s success.

“Our team has stayed on, and we’re excited about what’s next. We’re still focused on providing top-notch repairs, just under a new name,” Jamie says.

The shop’s staff, known for their expertise and customer service, has continued to serve the community without interruption.

Becoming a member of Lift Auto Group means having access to additional resources and support from a network of professionals who are industry leaders and experts in their field.

“With Lift’s support, we’re looking to make our customers’ experience even better,” Jamie says.

CSN Whitehorse has built a reputation for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Joining the CSN Collision network, known for its high standards and customer-centric approach, reinforces the shop’s dedication to delivering the best in collision repair services.

Reflecting on the transition, Jim Muir expressed optimism for the shop’s future under Lift Auto Group’s guidance.

“We’ve made the right decision for the shop, our employees, and the community. I’m looking forward to seeing how CSN Whitehorse grows from here,” he says.

Published On: June 24th, 2024

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