The People Have Spoken: For the Love of Mustangs

The “People’s Choice Award” is a coveted prize awarded to just one vehicle owner each year at the CSN Collision Father’s Day Car Show.

Aptly named the “People’s Choice”, votes are collected from spectators voting for their favourite vehicle at the show. The winner is determined by the vehicle receiving the most votes. This year, the People’s Choice Award sponsor was Kelowna Chevrolet who proudly presented the winner with their trophy.

This year’s winner, is Barbara Mayer, a Ford Mustang enthusiast, and the proud owner of a 1991 Ford Mustang GT.

Barbara has a history with the symbolic muscle car dating back to her first vehicle. Barbara once owned a 1971 Ford Mustang which she says she could not even drive as it was a 4-speed. Barbara happily recalls that her father had to teach her how to drive it.

Some years later, Barbara fell in love again with a modern take on her first ride. Walking into Watkins Motors, Barbara was immediately head over heels for the 1991 Ford Mustang GT, which won her this year’s “People’s Choice” award.

Barbara felt that she could not afford the vehicle, but Perry Burtin and his team at Watkin Motors worked with Barbara to get her into her dream car. To this day, the vehicle is her pride and joy.

Barbara adds that she has received numerous enquiries asking if she will sell the vehicle, but Barbara says she will never part with it.

“This is a heartfelt thank you to all that voted for my baby! Year after year, I take the utmost care from avoiding potholes, trying not to drive in the rain, paying out dollars for winter storage to walking a distance for it being parked in the shade. I know its all worth it. To me, this People’s Choice Award and this moment will live forever!”

Published On: July 9th, 2024

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